Powerful Pova 4 Series : Introduced by Tecno Mobile Bangladesh

Powerful Pova 4 Series : Introduced by Tecno Mobile Bangladesh

Since the last time a phone or a group of phones attracted our eye. It’s not just because the prices recently increased for a few months; they have, incidentally, now largely stabilized. It was partly because there hadn’t been a lot of creativity, audacity, or originality for a while. It is true that the latest iPhones, Samsung Fold and Flip phones, Vivo X series, and Realme GT series all have distinctive, cutting-edge features that make them stand out from the competition. However, since we’re discussing flagship devices, there weren’t many new features compared to earlier models. Here we will be featuring news on Powerful Pova 4 Series : Introduced by Tecno Mobile Bangladesh.

Now let’s come back to the new Pova 4 series from Tecno Mobile. We were not expecting from a brand like Tecno to come out with this kind of boldness in a rustic mobile market of late 2022. We have three new devices namely Tecno Pova Neo 2 (BDT 18,990 6/128 GB), Tecno Pova 4 (BDT 21,990 8/128 GB) and Tecno Pova 4 Pro (BDT 26,990 8/256 GB). First thing to notice is that these are all lower-budget and mid-range phones in terms of pricing.

Let’s move on to the design that is, so to speak, utterly out of the ordinary. At this pricing point, we have never seen such a classy-looking and realistic gaming phone design. Yes, we had already seen cool gaming phones from other brands, but they were all pricier than flagship models. All three phones are subject to this. Let’s now assess each device separately.

Tecno Pova Neo 2

  • It comes with an HD+ display and you could except a Full HD+ display for the price but we have 90Hz refresh rate and a massive 7000 mAh battery
  • You are going to get way higher battery backup with an HD+ display than a Full HD+ one
  • There is a Helio G85 chipset with 6 GB RAM
  • Both the front and back camera quality are nice and the dedicated night mode is great for low-light shooting

Tecno Pova 4

  • This is the best phone among the three for us although the Pro version is stronger than this
  • Moreover the display quality is still HD+ and not Full HD+ at a price higher than 20K which may not be acceptable for many
  • We have an upgraded Helio G99 chipset here
  • So, basically the main difference with the Pova Neo 2 is that the design looks nicer and we have a faster chipset but the battery is lower, 6000 mAh instead of 7000 mAh

Pova 4 Pro

  • The design concept looks slightly a bit too large on the back and has a touch of formality and gaming at the same time which is different than our personal taste of elegance
  • We are finally having a Full HD+ display as well as with AMOLED technology instead of IPS
  • Moreover we have a thick 45W charger to charge the 6000 mAh battery
  • We also have 256 GB internal storage instead of 128 GB

Powerful Pova 4 Series : Introduced by Tecno Mobile Bangladesh

This post is on Tecno Mobile News. Tecno Phones have become so popular in Bangladesh and over the whole world recently. There are so many Tecno Pova Series releases. Keep your eyes on our site to know more about Pova series sets.

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