Super General SGST 2403-EB2

Super General SGST 2403-EB2 Price and Specification in Bangladesh

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BangladeshBDT 56,000

An air conditioner produces cold air inside your home or enclosed space by actually removing heat and humidity from the indoor air. It returns the cooled air to the indoor space, and transfers the unwanted heat and humidity outside. The main process of heat transfer in terms of an air-conditioning unit is Convection. General air conditioner has surely got the good qualities with a robust build that makes one of the go-to brands for home cooling. But then this comes at a premium, not just in the buying cost but also in the installation and maintenance. General is a brand of air conditioners owned by Fujitsu General Limited of Japan. At present it is one of the top most and most popular air conditioners in Bangladesh. Here we will post on Super General SGST 2403-EB2 Price and Specification in Bangladesh.

Quick Overview

  • Model: SGST 2403-EB2
  • Cold Plasma Generator (24,000 BTU)
  • Type: Split Non-Inverter
  • Super Quick-cool Technology
  • Humanized sleep function

Key Features

  • Tonnage : 2 ton
  • Cooling Capacity : 24,000 BTU
  • Energy Saving Rating : 3 Star
  • Power Type : 1Ph,220-230V, 50Hz 
  • Compressor Type : ROTARY
  • Coverage : 180-280 sqft
  • Warranty : 01 Year Parts Warranty; 01 Year Free Service Warranty; 03 Years Compressor Warranty; Remote And Gas: No Warranty

User Review

  • This Split Type of AC has a capacity of 2 Ton or 24000 BTU.
  • This AC comes with a washable Air Filter and adjustable fan speed as well.
  • Moreover this AC has a Remote Control and it supports functions like Timer and Auto Temperature Adjustment.
  • This AC high-wall duct-free system is without comparative or others.
  • Also the chilling gas used within R410a which is roughly 20 is more efficient both with regards to cooling and power preserving.

Super General SGST 2403-EB2 Price and Specification in Bangladesh

This post is on a popular AC Brand, General AC. Here we described a Super General Air Conditioner and its Price and Key Features in Bangladesh. Nowadays it is a top selling AC Brand in the Bangladesh market as well.

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