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Iphone 13 Rumors Post - Rumors all over the World

Iphone 13 is expected to release at the end of 2021 with some exciting features. There will be a number of interfacing changes that could improve the overall iphone experience. 

The iphone 13 first debuted in 2020, from then there was rumor that it doesn’t contain any lighting port or notch. 

Apple always keeps secrets about the name of their upcoming devices. Thus we just assumed that the name of the next iPhone will be ‘iPhone 13’. But the name is not confirmed yet, as Apple could call it “iPhone 12S” too. 

After so many changes on the design and features of iPhone 12, Apple decided to keep the iPhone 13 likely the same. Because Apple believes that the longer a design can be reused, the wider the margins Apple can make on iPhone sales.

The most change can be seen in the camera bump and notch of the device. 

Apple was planning to hide certain elements of Face ID True Depth System behind the display. Some Android manufacturers have managed to hide selfie cameras behind the display, but the TrueDepth system is much more complex.

Apple wants to hide the selfie camera and a few other sensors in the iPhone 13. For that they are placing them under the display or raising them into the bezel. 

People are saying that there will be more different colors of iPhone 13. The colors currently offered are white, black, blue, green, and (PRODUCT)RED. Apple usually replaces one of the unique colors with another to boost sales for that model. 

There are rumors that there will be bronze for the pro models and matte black for all models. Apple had a ‘Jet Black’ color for iPhone 7, but it was not popular enough among the users. 

There could also be a ‘sunset gold’ color but this could be the anticipated bronze color due to the shade used. 

Apple may do a few changes to improve durability and water-resistance as well. Also Apple is not appreciating people to use this device underwater and the warranty does not include any water damage that occurred like that. 

There is another saying that the iPhone 13 is going to be the first model of Apple blessed with underwater photography. 

The stainless steel rim that encases the iPhone 12 Pro attracts a lot of fingerprints. Apple may implement a new coating and try to avoid this for iPhone 13.

There is a rumor that says, all rear cameras will be housed behind a single sheet of glass. As the reports say that the camera bump will change thickness in all models, making the camera lenses protrude less overall. It’s fully against the rumor. 

There has been some controversy about Apple and cable standards in the past devices. But it seems that the iPhone 13 will beat that controversy.

The return of MagSafe to MacBooks has been rumored as well. Features like CarPlay and syncing to a Mac would still be possible if MagSafe in the “iPhone 13” can handle data and charging. 

Apple is reportedly working on its own cellular modems. So future iPhones may drop Qualcomm as a modem provider. 

There are rumors that Apple could be working on a direct-to-satellite connection. But this feature is not applicable for 2021 models but iPhone could make satellite calls in emergency situations. 

Apple wants to give people different choices on storage options. Currently, there are three options in the non-pro lineup at 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Compared with 64GB, the 128GB is $50 more expensive and the 256GB is $100 more expensive. 

Iphone 13 Rumors Post – Rumors all over the World

The price of iPhone 12 starts at $799. So it’s a rumor that the iPhone 13 will take that place. But the price can vary according to the feature and quality it will have. 

Apple is expected to announce the “iPhone 13” in September. Rumors suggest it could be announced on September 14 and released by September 24.  

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